2018 Photography Show in Birmingham / Blackrapid Street


I went along to the 2018 Photography Show in Birmingham.  I usually avoid these events since experience tells me they are full of stuff that I neither want or need.  True enough the exhibition hall was full of, for me at least, uneccessary and mostly extremely expensive equipment that I would more than likley never [...]

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The Pavement Poet


I grabbed a shot today while I was rushing to get somewhere. Now I wish I had spent more time reading the poetry and getting the guys story. Check out the Pavement Poet on Facebook though at https://www.facebook.com/thepavementpoet?fref=ts

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Leica X Vario


So I bought a Leica X Vario.  If you are at all interested in this camera you will know it was met with mixed reviews.  I read them all before I bought it and was very nearly put off.  Anyway first impressions are it's nice, very nice actually.  Performance wise it leaves a little to [...]

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